Sistema Geral de Pesagens

Itaminas Mineral Trade, a leader in innovation and environmental commitment, identified the need to improve fleet control and weighing during the expansion of its plant in Minas Gerais. In partnership with CrazyTechLabs, it adopted customized solutions based on Microsoft's Azure cloud and edge computing, integrating protocols, data and equipment at the plant.

Consulting, Training and FinOps

The Brazilian Institute of Education, Development and Research (IDP) is one of the most renowned higher education institutions in Brazil, with over 20 years of history and a wide range of over 500 courses. Since 2018, IDP is a client of CrazyTechLabs, which provides support in licensing, cloud, infrastructure consulting, cloud architecture, training and consulting.

Orion Group

With the support of Microsoft, CrazyTechLabs and Grupo Orion developed an advanced IoT platform that solved crucial challenges in the gastronomic and building management sector. This solution, based on Azure, integrates automated processes, data analysis with Machine Learning and an interactive digital twin.


This project addresses the challenge of urban waste management, where collection trucks travel pre-determined routes to collect garbage.Logistical problems such as overload, collection times and labor issues are common. To solve this, an IoT-based solution monitors the location of the trucks in real time, optimizing their routes.

Smart Tunipack

Hermasa, renowned manufacturer of fish canning machines, sought to digitize their equipment to optimize real-time performance and improve control and monitoring of machines. In partnership with CrazyTechLabs and Triple Alpha, a solution was developed that includes the creation of a Digital Twin, awarded at the Tuna Awards in the Transition 4.0 category.

Temperature and humidity control

The Temperature and Humidity Control project was a successful initiative that demonstrated the effectiveness of integrating hardware solutions, Bluetooth communication and data management systems to improve logistics and safety in the transport of sensitive loads.


The solution stood out for the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzed large volumes of data, identified patterns, predicted possible problems and recommended proactive measures.


With the completion of the project, CrazyTechLabs ensured that Econ Construtora had a robust backup solution integrated with Azure services, fully meeting security and efficiency requirements.

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