Country: Brazil City: Petrolina Period: 2022 - In Progress
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Timbaúba S/A, a juice manufacturing company, sought to improve decision-making and production line monitoring. CrazyTechLabs successfully designed and implemented AI-assisted Digital Twins to monitor and predict industrial processes, raising production quality.


The project faced the challenge of integrating the vast amount of data generated by the production line in real time, ensuring that this information was processed and used efficiently. Latency and quick response were crucial to optimize production and anticipate maintenance needs, in addition to ensuring compatibility with standard industrial protocols, such as MQTT and OPC UA.


CrazyTechLabs implemented a robust solution using edge computing, with devices strategically positioned on the production lines to process data in real time, monitoring about 50 variables every three seconds. This minimized latency and optimized response times. The integration of digital twins with the IoT infrastructure allowed better monitoring, analysis and simulation, offering valuable insights into equipment performance, anticipation of maintenance needs and optimization of overall production efficiency.

The solution stood out for the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzed large volumes of data, identified patterns, predicted possible problems and recommended proactive measures.

Important alarm notifications were delivered on the main dashboard, supporting the management team in their daily decisions. This approach not only improved production quality, but also optimized operational efficiency and significantly reduced equipment downtime, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable operation.

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