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Country: Spain City: Corunna Period: 2020-2022
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This project involves a collaboration between CrazyTechLabs and Triple Alpha, resulting in the development of a technology capable of reading more than 2500 variables per second. These variables are converted into data ready to be used by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, optimization and alarm generation. As a solution, a control panel was created that allows the simulation and simultaneous management of multiple plants, providing a concurrent and efficient performance.


Hermasa, one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of fish canning machines, such as tuna and sardines, faced the challenge of digitizing their equipment to optimize processes, reduce operating time and improve machine monitoring.


Awarded by the Tuna Awards in the Transition 4.0 category, the developed solution uses edge computing and cloud data storage. This approach allows centralized control, ensuring that operations and all insights can occur locally and independently of the internet connection, when necessary.

Hermasa, renowned manufacturer of fish canning machines, sought to digitize their equipment to optimize real-time performance and improve control and monitoring of machines. In partnership with CrazyTechLabs and Triple Alpha, a solution was developed that includes the creation of a Digital Twin, awarded at the Tuna Awards in the Transition 4.0 category.

The project involved reading more than 2500 variables per second, converting them into data for AI algorithms and alarm generation. A control panel was created for simulation and action in multiple plants concurrently, with each machine treated as an IoT device. Control is centralized in the cloud, but allows local operations and insights independent of the connection.

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