Sistema Geral de Pesagens

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Country: Brazil City: Sarzedo Period: January 2020 - In Progress
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The solution was developed based on Microsoft's Azure platform, both for the cloud environment and for edge computing. This approach allowed us to integrate various protocols, data and equipment at the Itaminas plant, seeking to achieve synchronization between identification and weighing in the shortest possible time. For this, we used technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), RFID, automated plate readings and edge computing.


Every day, more than 6,000 weighings are carried out, with a forecast of increasing this volume. The project's challenges included ensuring consistency and traceability in weighings, operating in offline mode when necessary, automating image collection, integrating data from scales, vehicle identification, transported materials and routes, in addition to integrating the entry and exit invoices.


All data is integrated in an automated way, without human intervention. As a result, the time required to perform the weighing was reduced by more than 50%, now taking only 14 seconds. In addition, the entire integration flow with revenue, control systems and management is completed in less than 20 seconds. Thanks to this automation, weighing and integration errors have been reduced to almost zero.

Itaminas Mineral Trade, a leader in innovation and environmental commitment, identified the need to improve fleet control and weighing during the expansion of its plant in Minas Gerais. In partnership with CrazyTechLabs, it adopted customized solutions based on Microsoft's Azure cloud and edge computing, integrating protocols, data and equipment at the plant.

The project focused on the automation of identification and weighing, using technologies such as AI, RFID and automated plate readings, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, reducing the use of paper and physical devices. The implementation resulted in a reduction of more than 50% in weighing time, eliminating errors and simplifying integrations with inventory control systems and invoice issuance. Records are now digital, reflecting Itaminas' ongoing commitment to innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

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