Temperature and humidity control

Country: Brazil City: São Paulo Period: 2021 - 2023
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The project for Routing Systems, a technology company specialized in distribution logistics with over 31 years of existence, aimed to achieve temperature and humidity control. The solution involved hardware and Bluetooth communication for monitoring vehicles with refrigerated wagons. The initiative aimed to integrate this solution into the Routing system, with subsequent integration to the Cloud


During the development of the project, several challenges were encountered. One of the main ones was to ensure the accuracy and reliability of temperature and humidity measurements in a mobile environment subject to vibrations. In addition, Bluetooth communication needed to be stable and secure, even under adverse signal and interference conditions.


Despite the challenges faced, the project achieved significant results. The developed solution allowed real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity inside the refrigerated wagons, providing greater control over the transport conditions of sensitive loads. This resulted in a significant reduction in losses and damage to transported products, as well as ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and standards.

The Temperature and Humidity Control project was a successful initiative that demonstrated the effectiveness of integrating hardware solutions, Bluetooth communication and data management systems to improve logistics and safety in the transport of sensitive loads.

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