IoT and Digital Twins Platform

This Sucess Case is posted by Microsoft in their website.
Country: Brazil City: Brasília Period: 2020 - 2021
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The solution was developed on a sophisticated platform that incorporates automated processes, data analysis with Machine Learning and the creation of an interactive digital twin for its customers. This approach is focused on accelerating development in a safe and scalable way, without compromising flexibility and adaptability.


A growing demand in the monitoring of consumable expenses, such as water, energy and gas, in addition to the flow of people and use of facilities, presented a significant challenge for the company in serving its customer.


With the new platform, which ranges from telemetry to prediction of actions based on data in a fully automated way, the improvements are palpable. Examples include bathroom cleaning based on its use, optimization of the use of consumables, and detection of leaks and misuse of water and energy. These improvements assist in efficient management and in transforming the business model of customers.

With the support of Microsoft, CrazyTechLabs and Grupo Orion developed an advanced IoT platform that solved crucial challenges in the gastronomic and building management sector. This solution, based on Azure, integrates automated processes, data analysis with Machine Learning and an interactive digital twin.

The architecture, centered on Azure, provides security and scalability, ranging from telemetry to the prediction of actions. This solution allowed a clear view of costs and a more efficient and sustainable operation.

Orion now offers smarter and more responsive management, providing actionable insights and transforming the way its customers understand and operate their environments.

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