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CrazyTechLabs positions itself as a company that delivers cutting-edge solutions and supports its clients in adopting technology.

Internally, demands are divided into three pillars.

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins and Internet of Things

In solutions, the focus is on the application of Artificial Intelligence in digital transformation, combined with Digital Twins and Internet of Things as a way to digitize and make businesses more efficient, regardless of the area of operation.

Cloud, Search, Migration, Improvement, Environment and Legalization.

High complexity projects require the union of custom solutions, licensing, cloud and cutting-edge equipment, for this, we have a robust network of partners, distributors and manufacturers, ensuring that all needs are met with high-end technology, fully aligned to the objectives, with adequate cost.

In Company courses and IoT Weekend

An essential component in this complex equation is the qualification. We bring to our clients training and team development with qualified professionals, awarded, certified and recognized by manufacturers and renowned institutions. This ensures that our clients not only implement the best technologies, but also take full advantage of their potential.

Licensing and Equipments Licensing and Equipments
Solutions Solutions
Training Training
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Digital Transformation

We seek to apply new concepts in technology solutions together with our customers in Brazil, Europe and North America

Sistema Geral de Pesagens

Itaminas Mineral Trade, a leader in innovation and environmental commitment, identified the need to improve fleet control and weighing during the expansion of its plant in Minas Gerais. In partnership with CrazyTechLabs, it adopted customized solutions based on Microsoft's Azure cloud and edge computing, integrating protocols, data and equipment at the plant.

Orion Group

With the support of Microsoft, CrazyTechLabs and Grupo Orion developed an advanced IoT platform that solved crucial challenges in the gastronomic and building management sector. This solution, based on Azure, integrates automated processes, data analysis with Machine Learning and an interactive digital twin.


The solution stood out for the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzed large volumes of data, identified patterns, predicted possible problems and recommended proactive measures.

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Since 2014 transforming industries, retail networks, and engineering companies.

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